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Sometimes, you’ll experience a creative block when you look at a blank page. Other times, it may happen when you are halfway through a novel. Or perhaps it will stop you in your tracks. You sit in front of your laptop, you place your fingers on the keyboard and after a few seconds, you find yourself scrolling down your Facebook news feed. Or, you grab a pen, write a few words in your notebook, then leave the pen because you decide to make a banoffee pie recipe instead. Your story either remains unborn inside your brain or unfinished on your hard drive. So, how do we overcome a creative block?

I’m using my experience to help writers unblock their creativity. These services are useful for people who don’t know how to start a novel, or for those who have already started writing but have become stuck somewhere along the process. Depending on your needs, I could focus on your creative block and provide consultation and exercises to connect you with your creative self, or we could focus on your writing project and work towards finalising it.

The cost will depend on the amount of time we spend working together. The first session is a trial session and will always be free. The cost will apply after this and will depend on the duration of the mentorship required. The mentorship sessions can either be delivered face to face or online through e-mails and Skype.